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This page is to keep you as currently updated as possible about policies, changes and other information concerning the Covid 19 situation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us: 208-580-0205 or e-mail us at:


Please check this page often as changes could be made on a daily basis. There is a possibility that we will have children 3 years old and above as well as teachers, wear face masks in school. We will post information as we get it.

We have scheduled our field trips along with annual events that take place at the school, they are listed on our CALENDAR and on our DATES TO REMEMBER pages. You can follow each of those links to get information about planned field trips and events throughout our school year. In the event that we are unable to take part in any field trips or events, we will inform our parents. Notifications will be sent home through notes in your child's cubby, notes on the bulletin board and notes on the door. We ask that you please check your child's cubby EVERY DAY and be sure to go through the papers in order to keep up on lessons that your child is learning as well as to be sure that you are informed of any important information needing to be shared.

List of updates in order of the date they were posted. The most recent updates and information will be listed first.

JULY 30, 2020

As part of our ongoing diligence to keep our Grace family healthy, we have determined that each child in our Combo's A and B classes should have their own set of school supplies which will NOT be shared with other students. Please see the following list in order to be sure that your child has the supplies they need. Please be sure that your child's name is clearly printed, in permanent marker, on each of their supplies as well as their supply box.

1 box of CRAYOLA colored pencils - 24 count
1 box of CRAYOLA crayons - 24 count
1 pair of FISKARS scissors
1 set of CRAYOLA washable, watercolor paints
2 ELMERS glue sticks
1 plastic box to keep supplies in (height of the box is 2 inches)
4 boxes of KLEENEX brand tissues
4 dry erase markers in different colors
1 dry marker eraser

JULY 2020

Dear Grace Montessori Family,

The faculty of Grace Montessori School hopes to find you and your loved ones doing well and enjoying the sun filled, Summer days.

We have been working diligently to finalize our plans for reopening the school for the upcoming Fall season. Our goal at GMS is finding the best ways to serve each of our students in the best ways possible throughout the school day. We have received specific instructions from our Governor in regards to the reopening of our classrooms for this year.

We are working on multiple plans with the information which has been provided to us to ensure we in compliance with every instruction given to help protect students, parents and faculty. Our first concern is making sure we have constant communication with parents regarding policies along with any and all changes in the upcoming months.

Due to circumstances we are unable to control, information reaching us has been delayed. As soon as the information we need to establish the correct policies and guidelines are handed down to us, we will be able to make any adjustments to our plan in order to be properly aligned with State mandates and the best actions to be put into place for our plan.

When the information is given to us, we will then pass that information on to our GMS families and all of the details regarding the reopening of GMS will be shared. It is our desire to share only the most current and accurate information. To avoid confusion as well as inaccurate information, we will only be sharing information as it is given to us.

Our current goal is to communicate, as soon as possible,  the full details of our reopening along with our school calendar, found here:

We expect to get the most current updates about the guidelines very soon and  will share them as soon as we get them. In the meantime, we would like to ask you to help us by giving us vital feedback and information to help us fill the needs of the children enrolled in GMS. Any information provided will be kept confidential and will help us in executing the best approach to meeting the health and safety  needs of our GMS families and faculty as well as help us to maintain the value of our education system.

We want to thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this tough situation together. We are very excited to get started with the new year and to see faces familiar and new.

Alisa and the faculty of

Grace Montessori School

JUNE 2020


Please read the following information about our schools policies regarding our Summer Camp. This protocol will be for 3 to 6 year old children only.

1. When dropping off and picking up children:

    * It is very important that you bring your child to school on time. Drop off time will be between 8:45am and 9:00am, please be on time as this will be the time period when teachers will meet students at the gate.

If you are late, please DO NOT enter the school yard to bring your child inside, you will need to call the school and a teacher will then come outside to meet you. If the phone is busy, try again, teachers will do their best to get to the phone.

If the children are outside playing when you arrive, a teacher will come to the gate to allow your child to enter the gate. Please DO NOT send your child through the gate if a teacher is not present to receive them.

During pick up, if the children are outside, your child will be brought to you.

     *You will sign in and out from your phone using our Bright Wheel sign in system.

2. If your child shows these symptoms, DO NOT bring them to school:

    *Any sign of illness in your child means they WILL NOT be allowed to attend school until they are well, including, but not limited to the following: Runny nose, green discharge from the nose or eyes, coughing, sore throat, fever or other Covid symptoms. Each child's temperature will be taken at the gate before admittance to school for the day. Any temperature 99 or above will mean your child WILL NOT be admitted to school until there is a change.

3. Your child MUST carry everything into and out of the school in their backpack:

Items needing to be inside the backpack include, but are not limited to: Clothing, paperwork and lunch. Please DO NOT allow your child to bring anything to school that is not needed, such as toys or any unnecessary objects. Anything your child is carrying in their hand will be sent home with you before your child enters through the gate.

We will do our best to ensure that each child is kept clear of any illness and while we know this might be inconvenient, we hope you will understand and help us through this. We will re-evaluate these procedures in the Fall.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, or any other, please call us at:


Thank you for patience in this matter,

Grace Montessori School