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September 2018

Days To Remember:

 September 3 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

September 18th - Field trip to TLK Dairy.

We want to thank everyone for a wonderful start to our school year! We look forward to the rest of year being even better!

Parents, please make sure that you are signing in and out each day. We ask that you NOT allow your child to sign in or out or allow them to be with you during the time you are signing in or out. Our computers are at eye level of the children and if they see other parents clocking in and out with their children present, they will want to touch the computer. We are appreciative of your cooperation and understanding on this matter.

Monday, September 3rd is Labor day. There will NO SCHOOL on this day.

 September 18th we will take a field trip to the TLK Dairy. Dress your child in clothing that you won't mind seeing a bit of dust and dirt on as they play with animals and roll around and climb in hay. Your child will need a car seat in order to be able to participate in this field trip. We will load the children up at 8:45 and leave at 9:00.

PARENTS: If you are dropping your child off before 8:00am please use the drop them off using the Basic Trust/Toddler door as all other doors will be locked until 8:00am. Toddler parents, please park by the back gate when you are dropping off or picking up your children.

Fall is fast approaching and the weather is turning colder. Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. We go outside on days that the weather allows and we want the children to be warm and comfortable. Please make sure to provide a warm coat, gloves, hat and warm, water proof boots. Make sure to write your child's name on these items in case we find a stray item outside or on the floor in the class room. If you choose, you may leave an extra set of gloves, a hat and any other outdoor item in your child's cubby all week to avoid having to transport them back and forth. Please leave and extra set of clothing in  your child's back pack in case they get wet outside and need to change.

Our Handbook

Please make sure you read our handbook online, print out the signature page, sign it and bring it back to school. Please use the click-able links below to get to the handbook and signature page.

Handbook Page:

Handbook Signature Page: (Should open in Windows at the bottom of the screen)

"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but
by experiences in the environment”
Maria Montessori

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